Best Search Engine Optimization Practices Use Images and Video

SEO Experts Know the Power of Using Multimedia Graphics and Video

Photography has come along way in 50 to 60 years when most of of our cameras were black and white. In those days it was a big deal to have colour and very expensive to get it processed. How things evolved. My first SLR was also a big deal. I never got into any developing myself, maybe I wasn’t serious enough to do that.

Birth of Digital Camera’s

It was the birth of the digital camera that opened up the doors for me. No more scanning photos. I could go direct from camera to computer. This opened up the doors. Having that instant ability to download images directly into a high powered image editor like Photo Shop was huge for the whole photographic industry and also contributed to the phenomenal growth of the internet.

Our First Scanner

It was 1995 and I and a couple of mates opened a studio in Sydney offering muti-media services. We bought our first scanner. It was a high end powerful beast which was still only an A4  scanner. It cost $5,000. Yes, a $150 today cost $5,000 back then. It was slow but we got a lot of use out of that machine. It was going all day.

In those days we were burning CD,s on our state of the art 4 x speed CD burner (it cost us $10,000) for company promotions, teaching photoshop, processing a lot of images and working on building websites. We taught ourselves html. We would copy code from  other websites and played around with it to design our own websites. We had no idea about on-line commerce in those days. We had no idea exactly which way everything was going.

Cutting Edge Website Development Company

We became the local go to web development company mostly building websites for businesses in the arts and design industry. We even got into some touch screen development for exhibitions.

In those days there was no such thing as an SEO, we never even thought about optimizing a website. It was the wild wild west and we were all running around thinking we knew what the next best thing was going to be.

SEO and E-commerce Comes of Age

I took a break from the website development business for a few years to go sailing around the world. After much travel and too long living out of a suitcase I returned to dry land and back to webs development. During my time away I observed the industry evolving from a distance. This also gave me a fresh perspective.

When I returned in the early 2000 SEO was creeping in.

I had a whole new approach to the internet. I was looking at it from a product marketing viewpoint. I became interested in how to use the internet to sell product. That transferred into how to send a website to the top of search engines. In those days Google had not yet been born.

One thing led to another. We tested the way we were doing things every which way and learned a lot.

The Professional Search Engine Optimization Expert

In the early days the SEO expert was a bit of a cowboy – anything goes and you could get away with spamming the hell out of sites to back link them up the charts. As we all know today Google is Kink of the internet. The on-line world has become very sophisticated and complex. Google unleashed the scary penguin and Panda and all range of other animals on traditional SEO practice and the bottom actually fell out of the lives of many of the old-school SEO’s.

Images and Video Become the Most Powerful Tool for Promoting on the Web

Notwithstanding that textural content is vitally important. The use of images and graphics of all kinds has proven to be one of the most powerful tools of the SEO and also just about every ordinary website builder.

It is not just the use of this media that can be so powerful. It is equally important how it is used and an SEO worth his salt will use all the various techniques of leveraging the power of graphical media in his/her efforts to rank a website.

There are few SEO companies that really know what they are doing. So many businesses are paying huge amounts of money for very mediocre performance. How do you tell a real SEO expert from a mediocre SEO operative? That’s a story for another post. See you next time!