Find Me a Video Editor

Finding a Good Home Movie Video Editor in Sydney is Not Easy

My old video camers

I take a lot of video but I dont want to edit my video. I have gigabytes of video footage because I just cant help myself shooting at all kinds of action that interest me. Much of this footage I have cleaned up. Taken out the rough stuff, the shaky and too fast footage so I know that most of it is reasonably good home video footage. I attempted to add up all the hours I have already spent cleaning up and it must be at least a full week.

Just Love What This Guy Does

Now that I have some time on my hands and a bunch of grand kids to entertain from time to time I thought is would be a good idea to start getting at least some of my footage edited into short stories. Something that I could easily copy to DVD or even put up on Vimeo or Youtube so that the rest of the family (including the grand kids) would have some entertainment

A Professional Video Editor for Home Video Footage

I don’t want to spend a fortune on getting my video edited. I am not looking for a hot shot TV editor. I just want someone who probably has had professional video experience who maybe working from home who understand that it only needs to be for family entertainment – not to enter into a film festival.

So, here is my story. Call after call and it seemed I just could not find a video editor who fitted the bill. For some I think I was just too amateur and they didn’t want to lower the quality of their clients and anyway, they charged like bulls.

I was just about to give up. I started to think that maybe I would find a video editing course for beginners so I could learn the basics and do it myself.

Video Editor to The Rescue

Just as I was doing my initial research my daughter called in and she happened to have a friend who told me she knew of someone who is just setting up a video editing service in Sydney. Was this just the coincidence I was looking for?

As it turned out it was because I found someone who understood exactly what I was looking for . After a long discussion on the phone I called round to see Thalia at Sonic Eye with my precious hard drive (copy) of a whole chunk of our family and travel video footage.

For anyone else in my position I just want to say thank you to Thalia because what she produced for me was just fantastic and now I have a bunch of 5 to 10 minute short video stories that enable me to send show reels to all my family and friends.